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Mealtime solutions for fussy eaters

Whether you’ve tried every tactic under the sun, or you’re reaching out for some initial feeding advice, I’m here to help. I’ll guide you through this tricky time, so your child can move beyond fussy eating and enjoy a long-term happy, healthy relationship with food.


My approach takes the tension out of your mealtimes and makes them nutritious, delicious and enjoyable for the whole family.


At home, online or over the phone Nutritious Kids provide consultation options to suit your needs.

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Meal plans

Nutritious Kids can design nutrient dense, seasonal meal plans for your professional service.

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Nutritious Kids offer workshops focusing on children’s nutrition and fussy eating.

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Hello I’m Hayley

Perth nutritionist and founder of Nutritious Kids and also the proud mum of two energetic little boys. I truly understand that some days parenting, especially at meal times, can feel like a constant juggling act.

I created Nutritious Kids to help families struggling with fussy eating and support parents by sharing practical information on children’s nutrition. My approach takes the tension out of your mealtimes and makes them nutritious, delicious and enjoyable for the whole family.

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Fussy eaters: How to manage stressful mealtimes.

  Stressful mealtimes are a common reality for parents of fussy eaters.  As parents, we often put so much pressure on ourselves to tick all of the boxes for our children’s needs and this is no exception when it comes to feeding our children.  We …

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Why we should let our kids get messy with food

We hear the term let them “explore” food often in children’s nutrition and with good reason.  Research suggests that children are more willing to try food that they have been exposed to over non-exposed food. When I talk about exposure, I’m not just talking about …

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What our clients say

Hayley has been a great help in addressing our 4yo and 18mo boys fussy eating. In 4 weeks we have gone from refusing to even have vegetables on their plate to having a taste and sometimes eating a little. Whilst we still have plenty of work to do we are confident Hayley has given us the information and support for success..

Cameron, Perth.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us all. It was a lovely evening and we all enjoyed it. You spoke really well and ensured we all understood these important nutrition messages and the reasons behind them. I feel like I am more confident in approaching nutrition and have some very handy practical tips too. I love your gentle approach and feel very supported in my role of encouraging healthy eating with everyone.

Jennifer, Perth.

Hayley was very informative, bright and bubbly. Our group thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and the group discussion at the end. I have definitely implemented some changes from the session and they have definitely worked and I have even seen and improvement in my little ones behaviour! Highly recommended for anyone struggling with a fussy eater!

Alison, Perth

After scouring the internet for someone to create recipes and meal plans for my members I came across Hayley's Instagram feed and knew immediately that she was the lady for the job. My members and I appreciate how simple the meal plans are to follow and how tasty the recipes are. As a Naturopath, it is essential the meal plans are nutritionally dense and balanced and Hayley nails it every time

Jessica, Super Natural Kids. Adelaide

Hayley visited Tinybeez Education & Care Centre Claremont after hours to provide a workshop to our families and educators to discuss nutrition in children and fussy eaters. Hayley brought some excellent resources for families such as information about children’s dietary needs, meal plan ideas, recipes and even some sample food tasting. Parents had the opportunity to ask Hayley questions about their individual situations at home and Hayley was knowledgeable and gave great advice. The whole evening was so informative for everyone and we would strongly recommend early childhood centres to provide a workshop with Hayley to their families.

Jennifer, Tinybeez Education & Care Centre Claremont. Perth

I thought your presentation was very informative and on point. You did a great job! Thanks so much for sending all those recipes and meal plan through – this will be super beneficial for us … especially Jemima

Claire, Perth

Thank you very much Hayley! I found your talk extremely useful

Caroline, Perth

Thank you so much for last night I needed another boost of inspiration and ideas.

Amy, Perth

If you are struggling with fussy eating or fear your child isn’t get the nutrition they need - call Hayley! I loved the one on one personalized service. It was such a pleasant and non invasive experience with the best practical advice I’ve ever received in regards to this subject. Highly recommend Hayley!

Natalie, Perth